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Ghosts, pirates, voodoo, gumbo, the French Quarter, jazz, po'boys, shrimp and crawfish, cajun and creole food, Bourbon Street, and of course, streetcars, are among the many things brought to mind when the name New Orleans is mentioned!  Join us on this photo tour of Southern Louisiana's Big Easy and take in some of the sights that folks living here have the opportunity to enjoy every day.  True, Louisiana is a part of the South, but it is certainly not your typical Southern state.  And for Louisiana, New Orleans is not your typical city! 

This site is devoted to all those who have an interest in or have a love for the Crescent City.  Whether your interest be in the nearby bayous, Southern cuisine, haunted houses, or debauchery on Bourbon Street, you’ll find something here that will strike your fancy.  We’ll teach you how to make some of the more popular drinks; we'll show you how to talk like a "local".  Even if you are halfway across the world, we hope to bring out a bit of the decadence in you.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy!  And always remember to...

(Let the good times roll !!!)
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Below are the Crescent City Connection Bridges.  In the top photo, a freighter has just passed
under the bridge.  The toll going into New Orleans is $1.00, outbound traffic is free.

Similar photo taken in the same area during the day.

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            St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square
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