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Marie Laveau's Tomb

Located in St. Louis Cemetery #1, this is likely the most visited grave in the city and reputed to be the most legitimate of the several claims of being the resting place of the Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. Laveau made her reputation from being a hairdresser for the aristocratic women of her day. She was able to use the gossip she learned through some of her clients concerning other people or upcoming events. After coming into that knowledge, she could relay it to the people who were the targets of that gossip before they knew it themselves—and then would cash in on an opportunity by selling them Voodoo charms to "ward off" those undesired actions or events. Whether or not that actually worked wasn't as important as the fact that she "foretold the future." and gained quite a reputation. Voodoo adherents constantly visit to her grave asking for wishes to be fulfilled. Her daughter, also named Marie Laveau, continued on the original Voodoo priestess’ reputation long after she retired.
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Voodoo adherents mark X’s in red brick on the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
as they ask for fulfillment of wishes. Part of the Voodoo ritual is to leave several coins
at the gravesite, then make a hasty dash across the street to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
to petition the statue of St. Expeditus to hurry along the desired results.