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St. Louis Cathedral

The Saint Louis Cathedral is the oldest Cathedral in the United States. 
Two other structures have stood where the present building is now located.
The first was destroyed by the Great Hurricane of 1723, the other burned in the Great Fire of 1788.

The present building dates from around 1851.

St. Louis Cathedral as seen from Jackson Square.
The sanctuary of St. Louis Cathedral.

The plaque providing some information about the Bible of St. Louis.

Looking up at the ornate ceiling.

Louis IX. Born in 1214. King of France from 1226 to 1270.
Canonized a saint in 1297.

Organ pipes and clock located above the entrance.

This copy of the Bible of St. Louis is located near the entrance.
It was gifted to the St. Louis Cathedral in 2007.
 A beautiful stained glass window near the rear of the church.
St. Anthony’s Garden is located just behind St. Louis Cathedral.
Long ago, this was a famous location where duels were fought.  Unfortunately,
several centuries of old oak trees growing there were lost in Hurricane Katrina.