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Ursuline Convent

Completed in 1734 and reputed to be the oldest building in New Orleans, Ursuline Convent
is located at the corner of Ursuline and Chatres Streets (1112 Charters St.) in the Quarter. 

The structure escaped both of the city-devastating fires that occurred in 1788 and 1794.
The Ursulines played an enormous part in New Orleans history as they educated the young women of the city.
Today, the building is used as a storage facility by the Catholic church. In this photo,
a carriage tour makes a stop in front of the convent and the driver relates the building's history to his passengers.

Thanks to Anne Rice novels, Ursuline Convent is rumored to be a favorite haunt for vampires,
who allegedly gain entrance and exit the building through the occasional open gable windows at night.
This is one of the stops of the nightly vampire tours conducted through the Quarter.