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Six Flags - New Orleans

The Mega Zeph at Six Flags New Orleans--silent  since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. There is some talk on the
Internet that some corporation may take over the abandoned amusement park and turn it into a water park
or some other kind of theme park.

The Big Easy ferris wheel to the left, and the Zydeco Scream to the right; Ponchartrain Beach inbetween. For the first several years of its existence, the amusement park was named Jazzland.

Part of the Mega Zeph and the Sky Coaster in the backgroud (the white thing).

A close-up of the Big Easy.

Another view of the Mega Zeph coaster. It was at about this time that New Orleans Police arrived on the scene to investigate what we were doing. For a few minutes, it appeared we were headed to jail as trespassers, but with the gate wide open and there being no "No Trespassing" signs anywhere, we had no idea that we were trespassing.