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Westgate/House of Death

Standing out in this section of neighborhood along Magazine Street with its purple and black paint was Westgate,
otherwise known as the House of Death. Westgate closed in September, 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, though, it's reported there
were plans in the works to close it  before the storm hit.  Photo taken in September, 2000.

Westgate was a portrait studio dedicated to the Angel of Death, Azrael. For a short time,
the House of Death also functioned as a bed and breakfast.
Leilah Wendell and Daniel Kemp relocated to the Louisiana
town of Opelousas and still operate the Azrael Project on-line:

The House of Death now appears to be an average, private residence,
though the black and gray paint still provide an ominous look!. Photo taken June 4, 2010.