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Cafe Du Monde

Located in the French Quarter at 800 Decatur Street, the Cafe Du Monde serves coffee
with chicory (hot or iced), Cafe Au Lait (literally "coffee with milk"), fresh squeezed
orange juice, beignets, and soft drinks.
Incidentally, chicory comes from the roots of endive, a type of lettuce.
It is roasted, ground, then added to fresh ground coffee to give it more body and flavor.
If you're in the mood, chicory can be found at most coffee roasting stores
and in some regional and national commercially available ground coffees.
The Cafe Du Monde was first established in 1862
and currently operates ten locations in Louisiana.
Since they're known for Cafe Au Lait and beignets, it was natural to order these.
It was quite inexpensive compared to the usual fare in the French Quarter.
Yes, It tastes as good as it looks.

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