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Frank's Restaurant

One of our favorite places to eat, Frank's Restaurant is located at 933 Decatur Street in the French Quarter.
 We ate there twice during our last trip.  Meanwhile, some friends who met up with us in NOLA ate at Frank's
at least once during their stay.
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The entrance to Franks--from the downstairs dining room. Frank's has been
family run for 46 years and Frank has operated it for the last thirty.

Jay didn't want to leave New Orleans before eating a muffuletta!
The sandwich is HUGE, about the size of an LP record if you can remember those!
About half was eaten at the restaurant, the rest taken and eaten
back at the hotel a number of hours later. 
This was Gil's choce.  He didn't like the olives on the muffuletta and
was nervous about eating oysters.  This is a half oyster and half
shrimp Po-Boy.  He mentioned that it was simply delicious.

The mural on the wall in the upstairs dining room.

Another view of the mural.  The waitstaff must be in excellent shape
because all food is brought from the downstairs kitchen up
steep steps.   They deserve a nice tip!

While in New Orleans, don't forget to visit Frank's Restaurant on
Decatur Street! For more info, here is their website: