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To eat everywhere we planned would have meant seven meals a day,
but our friend miJ suggested a Will's Chamber of Horrors from Koz's, and that's exactly what we set out to eat!

The menu board at Koz's in Harahan. What we wanted was at the very bottom!

Here is our Will's Chamber of Horrors.  We were curious about the name, but were told
we'd have to ask Koz.  He never did show up while we were there.  We also
ordered a humongous basket of fries and sausage gumbo to top it all off.

We missed the lunch rush.  Koz's is another "local's" place, and the counterstaff
were very surprised that we (as tourists) knew about Koz's.
Well... some of us did live in southern Louisiana once!!!
A closer view of the sausage gumbo.