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We Never Close Po' Boys

We Never Close is a well-know local establishment that serves "Overstuffed Po-Boys." You'll find them at:

10240 Chef Menteur Hwy
New Orleans, LA 70127
Phone: 504-246-1042
Here is an actual photo of one of their shrimp po-boys. They're called "overstuffed" for a reason, as you see from the photo.
They also have respectable Boudin Balls (they call 'em Boudin Bites) if you're looking for some authentic Cajun food.
At only $1.29 for two (as of the date on the photo), it is a great bargain. This shrimp Po-boy was on the menu for only $6.99!

FYI, "Boudin" is pronounced "BOO-DAN"