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Canal St. Ferry

Gates of Dixie Info

The Canal Street Ferry runs between Algiers Point to the foot of Canal Street in the CBD, not far from Harrah’s Casino.
The fare on the ferry is a dollar for cars heading to the East Bank; free
going to Algiers.  Walk-on passengers are free, and there is seating
available as well as good photo opportunities.

Hours of operation.

Walk-on ferry passengers are seated on the upper level; cars are on the lower level.
There is no air conditioning in this portion of the passenger area, and during the summer,
 the temperature here is stifling.

Hotels and office buildings located adjacent to the French Quarter. 

Once docked, the gates are opened and people are allowed to disembark.

A jumble of objects:  the Thomas Jefferson work boat; Jackson Brewery,
the steeple of St. Louis Cathedral, and finally the Natchez riverboat. 

Here is a line of cars that have been driven to the parking area of the 
ferry as they are being transported across the river.
The terminal sign on Canal Street adjacent to the World Trade Center.

The name of the ferry is Louis B. Porterie.

The Central Business District as seen from the ferry.  Notable landmarks are the 
World Trade Center (tall building with an antenna) and the Aquarium of the
Americas (center of picture). 

The Algier's Point landing.

St. Louis Cathedral viewed from the Algier's Point ferry terminal.

The view of the Crescent City Connection bridges as the ferry docks at Canal Street.

 The ferry makes a return trip to Algier's Point.