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Canal Street

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Canal Street is the traditional starting point for any tour of the Historic French Quarter.  You'll find anything from luxury hotels to high-end shopping, plus a whole lot more.  It's also the starting point for all the major avenues that run from the Central Business District to Uptown and also the street that divides north from south in the city street designations.

Canal Street got its name from a canal that was never built; a canal that was supposed to connect the Mississippi River to the Basin Canal (no longer in existence) and eventually on to Lake Pontchartrain in the early 1800s.  The resulting 170' 6" pathway is now regarded as the widest major urban thoroughfare in the country.
The historic green St Charles Ave street cars run briefly on Canal Street as they turn around
and head towards Carrollton Ave and Uptown along St. Charles Ave.

The Canal Street streetcar line which runs from the Canal Street Ferry to the cemeteries.  Palm trees line the track located on the neutral ground.

Looking north along Canal Street towards the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

A Northbound Canal Street streetcar taking on passengers.
The streetcars can get quite crowded during rush hour.

Looking out the rear of a streetcar as it makes its way to the end of the line near
Harrah's Casino and the ferry. 

An old Walgreens on Canal Street--itself, a part of Americana history. 

The St. Charles streetcar making its turn off of Canal Street
and heading back towards the Garden District and beyond.

Jazz Gumbo--a souvenir shop once located on Bourbon Street and now found on Canal Street. 

Harrah's Casino figures prominently at the end of Canal Street.
It's located across from the World Trade Center.