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Bourbon Street

Looking down Bourbon Street towards the CBD--at the intersection of Bourbon and St. Peter Streets.

A view of the party life along Bourbon Street. 

A woman prepares to flash for some beads. 
One of the more colorful neon signs along Bourbon Street.
Jazz Funeral has several outlets around the French Quarter.  This one is on Bourbon Street; there's another outlet nearby on Decatur Street.  The store is a fun shopping experience when looking for souvenirs. 
The entrance to the Bourbon Street edition of the Jazz Funeral store.  How could anyone resist going in?  We spent almost $100 at the Decatur location!
A vintage photo of Bourbon Street from September, 2000.
An old building with a balcony full of people located
near St. Peter Street.
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop--as it appeared in September, 2000.  Notice that
some redecorating has occurred on the facade between the time this
photo was taken and the two other photos to the right. 
Chris Owens is affectionately known as the “Queen of New Orleans Nightlife”; her entertainment revue with the Jive Dancers puts on two sold-out performances each night.  This photo was taken in September, 2000
The Bourbon Orleans Hotel.
 At the corner of Bourbon and Orleans Streets, of course!
Party-goers and bead-throwers taking in the scene below
on Bourbon Street from the balcony above.
Activity on Bourbon Street not far from the CBD.  Arnaud's Remoulade,
309 Bourbon Street, caters to both locals and visitors and doesn't close
until Midnight.
The Cat's Meow ... a famous karoake bar located at Bourbon and St. Peter Streets.
Rumor has it that Britney Spears once sung on the Cat's Meow stage!
A woman really gets into her performance at the Cat's Meow. 
Quite a crowd can form at the corner window located
behind the stage at the Cat's Meow. 
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop at Bourbon and St. Phillip Streets. 
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop after a night of hard partying! 
A somewhat more current photo of The Chris Owens Club taken in 2010.
The Chris Owens Nightclub is located at 500 Bourbon Street in the French Quarter
In this photo from September, 2000, here is a window display from Alternatives,
a gay establishment on Bourbon Street.  The display featured Ken dolls in all
manners of masculine and feminine dress.