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Dumaine Street

Madame John's Legacy - Photo 1

Located at 632 Dumaine St. in the French Quarter, Madame John's Legacy is one of the oldest structures in the Quarter and representative of the French style architecture, prevalent throughout the city prior to the devastating fires.  The buildings which now exist are primarily of Spanish design and were constructed when Spain was in control of New Orleans.


Madame John's Legacy - Photo 2

This particular house gained fame after being mentioned in George Washington Gable’s story, “Tite Poulette” in 1879.  Currently closed to the public, Madame John’s Legacy was featured in the 1994 movie, Interview with a Vampire for a brief 13-seconds.  Rumor has it that the building is haunted.

A plaque on Madame John's Legacy relating what Dumaine Street
was called in the late 1700s. 

The building housing Voodoo Authentica.

A nice little courtyard entering into a private residence on Dumaine Street.

Esoterica is an occult store for the serious practitioner ... unlike Marie Laveau's
House of Voodoo or Rev. Zombies' House of Voodoo which caters to more "touristy" fun.
Homes and shops on Dumaine Street not far from Esoterica,
Voodoo Authentica, a museum on the Voudoun religion.

Across the street from Voodoo Authentica is a very cool-looking willow tree. 

Buildings with their balconies located between Voodoo Authentica
and Madame John's Legacy.

A look inside Esoterica after closing... a well-supplied shop.

Looking down Dumaine Street at the intersection of Royal and Dumaine.