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Royal Street

Royal Street wasn't always Royal...

The corner of Royal and Dumaine Streets.  
This building was featured in the 1991 movie, Zandalee; it was Thierry and Zandalee Martin's home.

A beautiful green and white home located near the Gauche House.

A carriage crossing the intersection of Royal and St Peter Streets.

Erzulie's Authentic Voudou shop.

The Gauche House--dating from 1856.  Once of the estate of John Gauche,
the home is privately owned. 

"Hoodoo, voodoo, doodoo"--the magical incantation of the Great Wilsoni
(Keith Wilson), who performs magic interspersed with very funny quips
at the intersection of Royal and St. Peter Streets.

A beautiful building (but not fitting in with the rest of the French Quarter),
the giant edifice of the Louisiana Supreme Court suddenly takes up an entire
block along Royal Street.  The statue is of Chief Justice Edward White. 

The corner of Ursulines and Royal Streets.

Looking down Royal Street towards Esplanade Ave near the corner of
Royal and Ursulines Streets.

Looking the opposite direction from the photo above towards the CBD. 

The ironwork of the Gauche House is one-of-a-kind.

The Great Wilsoni can be seen performing in the French Quarter on
weekends and holidays.  Here, the magician has pulled two spectators
out of the crowd and is trying to teach them how to untie themselves by magic.

Using the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Court as theatre seating,
a brass band performs jazz across the street from the audience. 

A look down Royal Street towards the CBD.
The tall building is the Capital One building.